Album Design

welcome to the design of your new album

Getting started

All the information and design options are contained within this page. To create your order, please visit your individual online gallery and click on the 'Print Store' link in the top right hand corner. From there, you'll be able to place your order and securely check out.

Once we've confirmed your cover options and final payment has been made, I will start the design of your album!

Step 1: ChoosE your images

You can choose up to 60 of your most favourite images using the favourite button within your online gallery. Please note, not all 60 images may be used in the album, depending on the page layouts and final design.

Alternatively, you can allow me to pick 60 of my favourites and lay them out for you. We can then make changes together from there.

1. See instructions when you log into your gallery.

2. Click on the heart to favourite the image.

3. A list will be created with your favourites.

Step 2: covering materials

Choose your cover


Clean Mid Grey

Simple black

Nearly white

Natural raw

Fine leather ($100 Additional)

Creamed Butter

Mark's Navy

Perfect Neutral

Pure White

Vegan Leather ($100 Additional)





Step 3: Cover Design

Choose your cover design

01 / 06

Step 4: Add ons (OPTIONAL)

Choose your ribbon ($30 Additional)

Mottled Black

Just Grey



Step 4: Add OnS (OPTIONAL)

Choose your translucent page ($50 Additional)

01 / 03

Step 5: Checkout

Almost done! Once you've clicked the 'Buy' button, you'll be taken to the next page where you'll be prompted to select an image from your gallery. Please click on any image to move to the checkout. This won't affect your album order.

And you're done!

Now that you've chosen your images and the design you'd like, you can sit back and allow me to design the album for you.

Once I have designed the album, I will send through an online proofing gallery where you can view your album pages digitally and make any changes and comments. Up to three rounds of changes can be made.